2020 Travel Tips

With vacations now reserved, bags packed and excitement for the 2019 summertime well and truly underway, people are excitedly turning their ideas to their 2020 travel programs. For the yearly travellers, or those who were waiting in anticipation for next year’s experience, the time is now to begin making next year’s dream vacation. With amazing travel deals on 2020 trips there for the taking, we took a look at the 5 top travel ideas that can predominate in the year to come to inspire those looking to lock in next year’s journeys, now.

Make Your Travels Matter
Sustainability in the travel business has become more than simply a passing fad, it’s now an industry has to. The people have spoken, and a growing number of travellers are actively picking companies that incorporate sustainable practices, talking for their core values and people who the world is crying out for. However, regrettably, the growth of”sustainability” and”eco-tourism” as trending buzz words has resulted in a wave of green-washing, along with the prefix”eco” has been stuck onto everything.

As the age-old adage goes, knowledge is power, and individuals will continue to ask more questions to ensure they make the perfect choices, with the ideal brands. Just how can you know who’s the real deal when it comes to responsible travel? Be certain you opt for a business that’s integrating sustainability into its core business model, not just as an afterthought. Pick those who operate holistically, not just hanging their hats on a single’thing’, but creating a tangible, quantifiable impact across the three pillars of sustainability — Economic, Socio-Cultural and Environmental. Each trip you choose has an effect on the areas you visit; the way you journey will determine whether this effect is positive or negative. That’s why it’s so important to pick companies taking immediate action in respect to sustainability, not just paying lip service.

We have put together some helpful hints on ways to make your journey more meaningful.

We take a forward-thinking approach in the way we could integrate the three pillars of sustainability into what we do. During our JoinTrafalgar programme powered by the decade old TreadRight Foundationwe plan to do our part to generate travel thing by making a difference to the people, places, wildlife and world on our trips throughout the planet.

Let Your Taste Buds Be Your Guide
We are seeing a move away from Michelin-starred,’social media worthy’ haute cuisine into a craving for cuisine that’s more authentic. Beyond its own culinary merits, travellers are taking a look at food as a means to connect to the cultures they see, the stories behind the foods, with no traditional fanfare which was associated with a’great’ dining experience. More and more, we’re realising that the best way to understand a region’s unique cultural nuances is via the universal language of meals, with every local delicacy using its own story.

Way back in 2009, we realised that the best way to interact with the local community is in the atmosphere where they’re most comfortable: in their homes, at their dinner tables. We had no idea that a decade later, it would be among the most popular trip highlights and currently among the biggest trends in travel.

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Get Involved in the Action
So, once the time comes to hit the street, seeing the world simply is not enough, travellers want to get amongst it and truly experience it. Folks are lacing up their hiking boots, swapping stilettos for shoes and shooting themselves, literally, off the beaten path to get out and explore the world.

And, the tendency is tending towards inclusion as opposed to exclusion, with hikes and trips aimed at those with a moderate degree of fitness popping up in a manner that we have not previously experienced in the broader travel community. The motivation behind this trend is not pushing your physical limitations but pushing the boundaries of a normal holiday to explore the cultural and natural wonders that lie further afield, on foot.